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Eclectica’ from Rod Bathgate - arguably Australia’s best pastel artist - represents a deviation from his much-loved works exploring the Newcastle coastline.

Rod refers to this as ‘a need to explore other pastures’. What will you see in this exhibition? A stunning collection of works depicting other places, including Port Stephens, Treachery beach, Seal Rocks and Mossman Gorge. Plus a potpourri of other stock works from this master.

‘All the Time’ from Jane Parkes sees us invited into Jane’s kingdom! What’s real and what’s not is of no consequence. Is Jane Parkes an excitable child? Possibly! The references in her naïve figurative paintings suggest so.

Most of the subjects in her art are inspired by fantasy and escapism, removed from a lack of humanity, cruelty, uncaring – all real concerns for Jane and present in this world.

Explore Jane’s world, where her imagination reigns creating places that vibrate love and kindness.

I look forward to seeing you on the evening. And if you can’t make it be sure to browse the digital exhibition catalogue which will be available on our website and Facebook page following the opening evening.


I continue to marvel at Rod’s understanding and mastery of the pastel medium. A challenging one to use!
Rod is not only accomplished with pastel on paper and board, but equally so in oil painting. Photolike complicated compositions detailing, light, water effects and beachscapes with a figurative aspect are what we expect from this artist.

If you are seeking trade marks in this professional artist’s subject; you need look no further than to his handling of clouds, light play over water, gradation of colouring from the horizon. His treatment of an ocean wave at all its stages of development and to the water’s edge is a good lesson in control and the luminosity of this master’s stroke. I doubt there is any better artist when capturing moving and still water!

Complimenting Rod’s original artworks will be an exciting selection of limited edition prints including ‘Toppa Town’, the original of which achieved a record sale price for a Hunter artist in 2015!
It is always a delight to have Rod exhibiting at CHG. He commands such a strong following and respect. Followers will delight in this collection of works!


I have known Jane Parkes (or JP as she refers to herself) for decades and she remains the same upbeat personality. Her life and world is often perceived as make believe! Or is it a cover? I have decided I don’t care!

Jane’s figurative paintings, set in a fantasy world could be considered theatrical. I do know the time spent on developing her compositions is of little care to Jane because when she is art making she is completely fulfilled and taken to a place which provides comfort!

Jane’s exacting and considered compositions reflect a high degree of skill and control, which she has developed with the gouache medium.

Jane’s inspiration commences with an image which creeps into her consciousness “a shape or a wall paper design; the ideas develop”.
Jane has an appreciation of all things art and the joys of life including music, art teaching, theatre, acting, animals, people and their care etc. Her paintings, often drawn from her fantasy life of thoughts and dreams are also based upon life’s experiences and happenings.

In this new exhibition, we also see Jane’s original images translated to pillows and bags for display and sale alongside 15 original gouache paintings and Giclee limited edition prints, available in 3 sizes and enhanced with gold leaf and whitening compositions.


“Through the medium of soft pastel, and using an 'edge to edge' technique, I hope to bring an intimate reflection of our beloved coastline, oceans, rivers, hideaways and enchanting spots.
I have always appreciated the jewel-like qualities of moving water- their hypnotic effects of the eye and their sparkling, cleansing feel. Through adapting a palette to suit the seascape, an almost unlimited vocabulary of flicker, refractions, shadows and reflections, merge to give me the desired finish.
I believe pastel can achieve much more than any other medium in creating alluring scenes. Even today my desire to discover more about this ever-changing subject grows more and more.
My love of water and natural beauty in all its facets has drawn me back time and time again to, hopefully, discover more of its hidden charms.”Rod Bathgate.

“My art is the stuff of dreams. I explore the world of fantasy with the finest details played out on paper.
Like actors in wonderful dramas, sailors, musicians, young love, and the like play out their stories on a flat stage in settings that are as decorative as their costumes.
I cannot rest until I am utterly enchanted by the final product. Do enjoy my lil pictures.”Jane Parkes.


In addition to viewing the collection below you can BROWSE the digital exhibition catalogue here.


Jane Parkes Art