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Michael Black | CHG Represented Artists

About The Artists

Michael Black is a Sydney-based artist, who creates original art. His murals, prints, and private commissions allow him to capture moments in time through a variety of mixed media techniques.

Artists Statement

Michael is inspired by discovered landscapes, encountered people, and personal experiences responding to subjects in a dynamic and expressive manner. Michael explores human experiences and how classic story models
symbolically parallel in our own life. Utilizing mixed media painting and drawing. Michael provides us with a variety of Abstract landscape scenes that create a visual story to illustrate a variety of scenarios played out on the world's stage.
Having completed a BA in Fine Arts (Design) at UNSW & Design in Sydney, Australia, Michael has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions. He is passionate about Public art and has done a number of large scale public works. 
Michael creates in collaboration with architects, interior designers, stylists, property developers, retailers, and galleries, bringing his work into a variety of spaces. He places a strong emphasis on the viewer and experiments with everyday objects, spaces, people, and places, often altering the meaning and aesthetics of these forms.
Through his practice, Michael aims to bring others into a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose in their own lives.

We all love a good story. It’s somehow intrinsically built into our DNA, we love seeing the hero emerge from humble beginnings, to eventually face the giants and dragons that lay within the narrative. Maybe upon reflection, our human

existence is something of a story. This leaves us with the question of what role are we playing. Where are we along the journey? We might be in a time of blissful harmony or you could be facing the dragon, that hoards the treasure
trove to unlock your peace, freedom, and prosperity.


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