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Jane Parkes Art
Jane Parkes Art
Jane Parkes Art

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Jane Parkes Limited Edition Cushions

Artist Statement: My art is the stuff of dreams. I explore the world of fantasy with the finest details played out on paper.
Like actors in wonderful dramas, sailors, musicians, young love, and the like play out their stories on a flat stage in settings that are as decorative as their costumes.
I cannot rest until I am utterly enchanted by the final product. Do enjoy my little pictures. Jane Parkes.

Medium: Oatmeal or velvet
Dimensions: 36 x 50 cms
Date: 2016
Condition: New

CHG Director's Statement: Jane Parkes' figurative paintings, set in a fantasy world could be considered theatrical. I do know the time spent on developing her compositions is of little care to Jane because when she is art making she is completely fulfilled and taken to a place which provides comfort!

Jane’s exacting and considered compositions reflect a high degree of skill and control, which she has developed with the gouache medium. Jane’s inspiration commences with an image which creeps into her consciousness “a shape or a wall paper design; the ideas develop”.

Jane has an appreciation of all things art and the joys of life including music, art teaching, theatre, acting, animals, people and their care etc. Her paintings, often drawn from her fantasy life of thoughts and dreams are also based upon life’s experiences and happenings.


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Jane Parkes Limited Edition Cushions