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Our Services

Established in 1975 by the current owner Mark Widdup, Cooks Hill Galleries is one of Australia's leading commercial art galleries. Our aim is to offer art knowledge supported by art experience. Buy and sell Australian art. Obtain art valuations. New art exhibitions from leading Australian artists regularly.

See below for the full list of art related services we provide.

The experience of the director, Mark Widdup across the spectrum of Australian art from Colonial to Contemporary means his expertise is widespread.
He is available to explain any of these services on a ‘one to one’ basis and offer unique recommendations. The emphasis is to provide individual solutions on a confidential basis for all enquiries.

Please view the ‘Testimonials’ on our website, which highlights just some of the ways we have assisted our clients, suppliers and artists.

Art Selector

There is the option to have a personalized art selection advice with our ‘Art Selector’! Service. For many of us we are offered art from various quarters. We are confronted with too many options and not enough time to learn and or evaluate!
We have the desire to collect yet can’t choose confidently as to what’s worthy to collect versus the indifferent or the transient.
So I have developed a plan to use my services to assist you in selecting art.
I will qualify why one should consider purchasing the art in the first instance and vet its value and authenticity for my clients.
I can also travel to inspect the art to ensure it is both real and the qualities advertised are substantiated.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please

Art Selecting

This service is to assist you in defining and refining your art tastes such that you can focus on your preferences to buy with comfort and confidence. We can develop a selection of suitable art, after consultation with you, to take to your home or office from which you can make a final choice!
You then can make the final selection in situ! This means you know what you are getting and how it will look prior to purchase.
No matter what your art knowledge maybe; the experience of working and selecting alongside the Director means you have access to an art dealing knowledge built up over 40 years.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please

Art Buying

Whether you are an art buyer or a novice, there is comfort in getting a professional opinion alongside your own or to challenge or reassure your thoughts! I will test your reasons for purchase, test the artwork with my ‘art analysis program’, investigate its authenticity if necessary, review its value and provide recommendations. An extension of the service is to travel to inspect an artwork to ensure its both real and the qualities advertised are real.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please

Art Appraisals

This is a service I offer to enquirers about an artwork to establish its genuineness, identify originality, assess if it possesses a value, authentication and comment on condition. This often involves the assessment as to its worthiness as a 2d or 3d artwork, an indication of value or perhaps whether it requires a valuation. It is always of comfort to initially assess an artwork prior to relegating it to the dump.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further pleas

Art Reselling: Selling Art Advice

If you have an artwork of value there is an onus of care to keep it safe and insured. Who wants to ignore an artworks potential and market value. However if your art tastes change or it becomes unloved or for whatever reason, get advice to plan to sell the artwork. Artworks have cycles when they are in demand and rise and fall in value. Knowing when a selling opportunity favours you to sell is an important element of timing. We can assist you to know the ‘inherent qualities’ within your artwork that can be focused upon and likely to intrigue a buyer.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please contact us

Art Seminars And Talks

Over the years the gallery has had many engaging ‘artists talks’, Q & A’s, and openings.
It is envisaged this will be developed further and we would ask you to register your interest for forthcoming engagements and events.
The style for the talks will be more along the lines of ‘in conversation with an artist’. This promotes a more relaxed environment and questions can be asked during and after the talks.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please us.

Buying Art Advice

Want to know where to start? What type of buyer are You? -Know Why you Want to buy art? Understand the true motivation for buying. We will introduce you to the best buying methods, tips for buying, and show you what to look for in artwork that illustrates its inherent value and qualities.
We will assist you to define the art that is to your liking, throw in a bit of art education and show you the scope of art on offer in Australia’s market place.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please us.

Art Finance Options

There are several options to buy art than straight out cash or credit card or bank transfer.
One can use an instalment method; please contact the gallery for terms.
Contract; The terms are based by arrangement between artist/ supplier and purchaser.
Arrangement: please contact the gallery for terms.
Art leasing could be available for specific companies/clients. Depending upon the suitability of the finance application.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please us.

Art Investment Advice

Art as an investment can be identified as a ‘store of wealth’ and coveted as a finite enhancement to ones life. In this homogenous world an individual artwork stands alone! It should be recognised as the ‘one off’ it is; made even more unique because it is an original creation. It commands the eye of the collector and the aspirant.

Not all appreciate art! In fact only a relatively small percentage of the population appreciate it. This is changing, as witnessed by the demand for block buster art exhibitions touring Nationally and Internationally to an audience who can’t get enough. Plus the availability of art information, so easily accessed and the use of the media to de mystify art making it so assessable. Today touring art exhibitions are promoted as a rock festival, an expo, a major film release and supports a merchandising line that feeds the art interest as with the flow of information.

Art education has become more widespread, significant and accepted today within schools, institutions and via boutique art courses. This augers well for art appreciation and knowledgeable collectors for the future.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please us.

Artists Management

This applies to our ‘Represented Artist’.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please us.

Commission Private

Commissions are favoured as a solution in a number of circumstances. Perhaps the most recognised is the ‘portrait’. Historically the portrait of a loved one was the height of flattery! That’s before photography came along because it was also considered an expensive exercise. The original oil, acrylic or work on paper captures so much more than a photograph though! Firstly the artist of an original artwork can capture the character beyond the visual reference, sometimes hinting at the personality of the sitter or a suggested mannerism that is below the surface. That’s apart from the assessment of the light, brush stroke, depth of perspective and impact etc.

The portrait can extend to a family group, a nude or nudes, a loved one in a familiar setting e.g. a portrait in a study etc. There can be many associations you know of that are appropriate for the person one wants to commission.

Other reasons for commissions are often sentimental based - capturing a place of memory e.g. holiday destination, or place that is special to you. Houses or properties are other obvious attractions to have captured on canvas.

Horses, especially if they are ‘winners’. Have the horse immortalised on your wall at home or work expresses your individuality and love of the success and the acknowledgement of their achievements and hard work and commitment.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please us.

Commission Corporate

In the business world the commissioning of artwork is for an acknowledgement – a past CEO, Director, Founder of the company etc or for an achievement a sales target etc.

They may even have a rogue’s gallery of past influential contributors, directors or management represented within a boardroom or corridors of power. The oil or acrylic portrait is the usual expression for capturing the likeness of the sitter. The appeal comes about for historical reasons, ego and as a compliment!

Typical examples are as follows where corporate commissions are a favoured solution of acknowledgement:

  • Rural companies may decide to commission a landscape artwork of the land holdings.
  • Horse stud or stables commission portrait paintings of prominent horses by way of a painting or bronze sculpture.
  • Portrait of an aircraft where the owner has received great pleasure and delight after owning it for years however has decided to record the sentiment with an artwork.

The list goes on; I’m sure you can see how a commissioned artwork can be applied in many instances with one’s business.
Corporate commissions are also considered with a new fit-out, change of location or headquarters, a new MD appointed who wants to add their touch to a changed work management thus artwork is an expression of the new personality running the company.

Paintings, works on paper, graphics, sculpture both interior and ground or entrance foyer art and mural art being either 2d or 3d are considered. The process is to employ a person who can advise the company as to what options are available and to come back to management with a plan and costing.

If you are considering a corporate makeover, please contact me here for a short list of do’s and don'ts and how best to plan a corporate interior or what’s required for your individual work place.


As an owner of art especially the more ‘collectable’ some minimum care is required to preserve its condition if you haven’t recently, reviewed it.
At CHG we have a service that assesses your art inventory, its placement and art records AND give an overall assessment giving recommendations as to what to hold or sell, condition, re presentation. There is comfort in knowing that your art is properly cared for even if it is stored and updating yourself with the art.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please us.

Resale Royalty

The Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Act 2009 (Commonwealth) applies to the commercial resale of Artwork where artists or their beneficiaries may be entitled to a royalty on certain resales. This scheme commenced 9th June 2010 and the Copyright Agency has been appointed by the Australian government to collect royalties to pay to the artists.
Where applicable, the rate is 5% of the auction hammer price (inclusive of any GST), but not including buyer’s premium. This applies with other art sales outside of the auction platform. The royalty is paid by the seller.
Further information on the Resale Royalty scheme can be obtained from:

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please us.

Superannuation (SMSF) Art

There have been many amendments to the rules of art buying in a Superannuation fund. The Australian Government have dissuaded trustees from purchasing art and/or collectables by placing barriers and disincentives.
Please take advice from your financial advisor and or Accountant the restrictions which came into force at the end of the 2016 financial year for art previously held in a fund.
Today art purchased by a SMSF essentially needs to be stored in a specified art storage facility incurring a cost and increased insurance costs.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please us.


Are usually required for the following circumstances:

  • Appraisal
  • After inheritance
  • Divorce and settlement
  • Insurance
  • Market value
  • Probate - Family division
  • Liquidation or mergers
  • Corporate purposes
  • Superannuation funds
  • Donation

Should you wish to obtain an artwork valuation you can find use our Online Valuation service here.

Wedding Gift Register

This is becoming a more popular option especially for the mature couples, art enthusiast the art minded or perhaps most attractive to the art collector where the wedding gift/s require an artistic touch or a specialised gift.
Art for the Second time wedding gift register, is particularly significant as they have established their home. The material objects to set up a first time home are not applicable and more likely one’s tastes have matured with time. Or they may have set views on the balance of the things they require for the home, however never considered artwork!

The Art should be original and can be either painting, sculpture, selected individually decorated ceramics, limited edition graphics by the established, mid career or emerging artists, or medallions (wall mounted). We can cater for all tastes and budgets.

If this is of interest or you wish to discuss further please us.