Cooks Hill Galleries (CHG) is delighted to bring you ‘Phil Stallard - Waterline’. This online and in gallery exhibition opens Friday, 6 April 6 - 8pm. Exhibition continues until Tuesday, 24 April 2018. RSVP for the opening and invite your friends here

“For most of his career as a painter, Philip Stallard has been drawn to the theme of water. Stallard's childhood was spent around the Hawkesbury River. Here, he enjoyed seeking out remote shelves of the orange-red Hawkesbury sandstone, and gazing down on the river - sometimes still and glistening, sometimes wind-ruffled, and occasionally dour and agitated. He relished the eventful junctions where river meets sky. Or where the pulsing river meets the lush but sometimes fire-ravaged bushland.”
- Peter Pinson OAM