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Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art

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Ship Dreams

Artwork Statement: What does a ship dream of? The ocean of course, I'm lost in the water - really hanging out for a swim. The oil paint takes me there... - Phil Stallard, 2018. 

Artist Statement: In this series I have returned to painting mostly in oils. The paintings completed over the past year return often to the theme of water, with oils I have immersed myself in the lusciousness of oil paint.

I just keep overpainting until I get something with emotional energy, oils offer that intensity of pigment and energy that I’m trying to convey.

The paintings evoke old memories of the Hawkesbury River – I’ve also mixed it up with recent meditations on a stretch of water under the Gladesville bridge. There are also abstract references to Newcastle which is my second home, somehow the horizon off Redhead and Dudley come into the picture.

These paintings are essentially simple landscape paintings that are driven by emotion, I’m openly acknowledging my teenage influences, I’m saying hello to 60’s Hockney and Lloyd Rees. I’m back in the water again, swimming in the waterline. 
- Phil Stallard, 2018.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 112 x 112 cms
Date: 2018
Condition: New

CHG Director's Statement: Where art is concerned Phil is driven by emotion, primarily employing a passion that is derived from the landscape. He is celebrated as an abstract expressionist painter of seascapes, harbour scenes and landscapes. He draws from these environments, being fascinated by and becoming involved or integrated with them. - Mark Widdup.

"There is a "total experience" in a Phil Stallard painting, a similar notion that no part of the painting is bland, or subordinate, or to be passed over. Stallard's work is very painterly indeed. His oil-paint is applied with a fluid lushness, a sensuousness, that recalls 1960’s Brett Whiteley." - Peter Pinson, OAM.

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Ship Dreams