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Abstract to Semi Abstract | Sept 2020

Cooks Hill Galleries (CHG) presents 'Abstract'. This online and in gallery exhibition opens Friday 18 September 6 - 8pm. Exhibition continues until Monday 5 October 2018. 

The development of abstraction in Australia art commenced around the 1940’s and it has had a place in the history of art ever since. It has influenced artists working in both 2d and 3d media.

For the viewer of abstraction it is a style some of us are comfortable with and others not! For many artist it is often a graduation and or development of a style stepping from a  traditional / represented foundation, beyond impressionist to a development of a feeling, a sense and or expression not desiring or need of a grounding of the ‘real’.

Abstraction is often difficult to define if at all it needs to be, and is often described as pushing the boundaries of realism. For the maker the challenge is to evolve an art direction with the use of the mind, experimentation and pushing boundaries. There is no limits to abstraction being an enormous attraction for many an artist.


Louis James art
John Lennon Art
Brett McMahon art
Robert Grieve Art