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Bruce Rowland art
Bruce Rowland art


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Young Dancer 2

Artist's Statement: This is the first pastel that I’ve successfully completed. I’ve been hoarding sets of pastels since the mid 80’s and finally put pastel to paper after seeing some remarkable pastels by old and modern masters on a recent trip to Europe. Very happy and confident  with the result. - Bruce Rowland

Medium: Pastel on paper
Dimensions: 69 x 33 cms
Date: 2018
Condition: New

CHG Directors Statement: It's hard to make a past comparison with any Australian artist who has the diversification, depth of art training, skills and breadth of art interest Bruce Rowland possesses. Furthermore, he has studied, taught, refined and developed a professionalism across so many mediums. Arguably there hasn't been an artist since Norman Lindsay who has the scope of art skill across so many media as Bruce Rowland. Apart from that, he is prepared to convey and share his artistic knowledge with anyone who shares an enthusiasm with art and art history. His art was acknowledged with a major survey exhibition of his artworks at the Newcastle Region Art Gallery in 2007.


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Young Dancer 2



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