You are a Revelation

Shannon Woodward

Artist Statement: It is unique when we can be changed with infectious smile  
charmed with a free soul to say great things or to behaving stupid!  Sometimes petrified, terrified of disappointment, emotional highs emotional lows for a revelation that I’ve been told.

Medium: Mixed Media on Linen
Dimensions: 100 x 35 cms
Date: 2017
Condition: New

Director's Statement: This artwork is a new development for this emerging cubist figurative artist, who hasn’t shown with the Cooks Hill Galleries since 2006. Her style has become more explosive, and the cubist elements have become more stylised with the figure being offset by an expressionist backdrop. It appears quite 3 dimensional with a controlled and considered balance between foreground and landscape. This is an exciting direction for the artist. We would hope her art develops more in this direction.


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