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Werner Filipich Art

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Water Hole, Peel River

Artist Statement: The landscape is ever changing before me, it changes minute by minute and whilst on site I must capture and transform as quickly as possible the scene onto my blank canvas. Being a professional artist is an exciting journey and is a never ending learning experience. Werner Filipich.

Medium: Oil on board
Dimensions: 14 x 18 cms
Date: 2002 circa
Condition: Good

CHG Director's Statement: Werner Filipich was born in Austria in 1943 and migrated to Australia in 1950. His love for this country is imbued in his superb style of crisp and refreshing paintings.
Werner is one of Australia's last traditional artists who, in the true tradition of the Heildberg School of impressionist artists, packs up "goes bush", sets up his easel and places the scene before him straight to canvas. Werner says "these regular painting trips are good for my soul, they refresh my eye to the natural colours of nature and rekindle my enthusiasm and ability to capture the true colours of each season in their pure and unadulterated realistic form".


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Water Hole, Peel River