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David Boyd art
David Boyd art

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Medium: Mixed Media on Paper
Dimensions: 20 x 26.5 cms
Date: 1990 circa
Condition: Good

CHG Director's Statement: David Boyd has achieved art acclaim in his own right. Although is often confused with his brother Arthur. Having commenced his art career in ceramics before turning to paintings he developing a romanticised theme within his figurative paintings.

Has held regular annual exhibition since the early 1950's including retrospective exhibitions. He is represented in most State Galleries, Regional Galleries and several University Collections.

This is a well known subject of a child, close distant to the viewer. The emphasis is more on the textures and the subtle colour of the textures utilising various mediums. It reads as a concentric line drawing. The artist produced limited edition graphics of similar subjects, however the appeal here is contemplative look of the figure and the 'sfumato' or smoked effects; a recognised technique used by the artist principally in his oil paintings.

This is a generic subject and hence easily recognised as the artist work. It has a fine provenance.


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