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Andrew Drummond Art

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Two Seasons

Artist Statement: I paint in watercolour, oil, and acrylic. I draw with pastels, cont', or pencil; in other words I use whatever I feel is necessary to capture the subject matter I am trying to convey to the viewer. Some subjects require realism, some abstraction. There are artists who paint similar subjects in the same way for their entire lives, some who change their style halfway through and some like Picasso for instance will explore every avenue and will use any form or medium to achieve their goal.

When I was at art school oils were the favoured medium and continuity of style the aim. My feeling now is that this is not a good thing. To be hampered by convention, by which I mean practice established by usage, is for me not acceptable. I wish to be free of these ties and so I use anything available to achieve the feelings and passion felt when I have seen something that I would like to share with others. This is a personal thing and is not meant to be a jibe at other artists.

My father was an extremely gifted watercolourist who exhibited at the Royal Academy and at other prestigious venues. I have an entire wall covered by his paintings and drawings but we had many heated arguments about modern art. He stayed true to his values and would not accept any form of "modernism" and rejected the Cubists Braque, Gris and at that time my hero Picasso whom he deemed beyond the Pale. Of course in his time exposure to exhibitions and good quality art books that are so common today were a rarity then and it was much easier not to be jerked from ones chosen path .Today one is open to all forms of art on a daily basis.

This can only be good, we are lucky to have such well endowed galleries in cities around the world, but having argued with my father now the boot is on the other foot and I now argue with my daughter who can paint and draw with great skill. This she did at Camberwell School of Art then went on to gain a B.A. at Chelsea School of Art in Video followed by an M.A. at the Slade in Installation. I can find no value in either of the latter two, now I have to question my own values and ask myself such things as am I an old fuddy duddy for liking the only painting in the last Turner Competition, and not understanding the destroyed blank canvas in a room of its own or the room containing just a loudspeaker in each corner playing music (this by the way won the prize for 2010). I can only stand and wonder if I am now a victim of convention myself or does the king indeed have no clothes? Time will of course tell.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 41 x 58 cms
Date: 2011
Condition: Good

CHG Director's Statement: Andrew Drummond was educated at Whitgift Middle School in Croydon England. At the age of ten he won a BBC competition with a watercolour, this was a formative moment in his life as from there he later went to Croydon School of Art where for four years he studied painting, sculpture, lithography and the essential life drawing

At the age of twenty-two he started a career in film, stage and television set design. He worked on many films, designed six stage sets (three of these in the west end) but his main career was in television. During this period he became Head of Design for the then London Weekend Television Company at which time he won the Royal Television Society award for set design and also a BAFTA nomination for drama design During this time he continued to paint and draw.

He taught drawing at Kingston University and also lectured on television set design Andrew is a member of the Chelsea Arts Club and has exhibited both there and at the Chelsea Arts Society. More recently he has had a very successful exhibition at the Quay Arts Gallery on the Isle of Wight where he has a studio. He has also won prizes for three years running in the annual Island landscape competition and has had four paintings published in a prestigious book of Island painters.


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Two Seasons