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Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art


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The Waterline, Hawkesbury

Artist's Statement: The Hawkesbury is an echo in my brain; teenage meanderings from ridges down to mangroves, the orange sandstone, oysters and climbing with the angophora pink skin glistening in rain. The surveyor’s trig is a point from which I move down the hillside and down to the waterline.

Medium: Oil acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 183 x 60 cms
Date: 2012
Condition: New

CHG Director's Statement: "There is a "total experience" in a Phil Stallard painting, a similar notion that no part of the painting is bland, or subordinate, or to be passed over. Stallard's work is very painterly indeed. His oil-paint is applied with a fluid lushness, a sensuousness, that recalls 1960’s Brett Whiteley.” - Peter Pinson.

Expressive, bursts of energy, strength of colour, and wall power are just some of the adjectives or phrases to describe Phil Stallard’s paintings. His style will refresh any interior with exciting incendiary like bursts of colour and tone!


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The Waterline, Hawkesbury



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