The Waterfall

Henri Bastin

Medium: Oil on Board
Dimensions: 25 x 40 cms (image size)
Year: 1977
Condition: Good

CHG Director's Statement: Henri Bastin (1896 - 1979) born in Belgium, Bastin began painting while working on a Queensland sheep grazing property and first showed his naive painting, done in the manner of Douanier Rousseau, at Brummel's Gallery, Melbourne. These were followed, in 1958, by two exhibitions at MOMA, which established him as a pioneer of naive painting. Early public appearances of his work included an exhibition at the Skinner Gallery, Perth, 1960, and the Herald Outdoor Art Show, Melbourne in 1963. In 1977 one of his paintings was woven into a large tapestry at the Vic. Tapestry Workshop. His last big work was 2.7 x 3.6m Paradise Australia, acquired by public appeal for the Adelaide Festival Centre. 


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