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Ken Strong Art
Ken Strong Art

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The splendour of sunset, Venice

Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 150 x 120 cms
Date: 2007
Condition: New

Artist Statement: A different play on Venice, coming into the light at days end. An
explosive atmosphere just for an instant, colour and glare in a blinding few moments allowing the creation of this beautiful setting. - Ken Strong

CHG Director's Statement: Ken Strong been painting Australian landscapes for over 20 years and is developing increased recognition both nationally and internationally. Ken's works are characterised by a bold application of paint, but also using a subtle approach to subject development.

Works tend to be an impressionist style with subjects ranging from panoramic landscape to more intimate images combining the influence of man and his surroundings. Works often have a non representational feel with the key compositional element being a well structured use of colour an movement.


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The splendour of sunset, Venice