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Rebecca Pierce Art
Rebecca Pierce art
Rebecca Pierce art


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The Motion of Transition Part 1 - A Very Grey Area Sophie (diptych) Pledge

Artist Statement:This work THE MOTION OF TRANSITION PART 1 Sophie and PART 2 Alex is my interpretation of a close friend’s child’s journey through adolescence and transitioning from Sophie (female) to Alex (male).

Both paintings are executed in Grisaille, the method of painting entirely in shades of grey.

My delivery of this work is a response to the subject of transgender, that we are all individuals and should be treated accordingly, that there is no black and white in assessing and documenting, all is a myriad of greys.

To highlight this I am attempting to address in this work the subject of Transgender Rights and bathroom facilities.

It is my opinion that the majority of todays’ bathrooms are a bastion of segregation. They are like a filing system. And across the world many transgender people are banned from using bathrooms that align with their gender identity. Every day we are bombarded by pictograms and if nature calls we are guided by a person in pants or one in dress. The signage is not literal it only reveals how culture requires our gender to look and reveals the door it sees us walking through.

It is an area that I believe requires an ongoing informed dialogue.

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas on ply
Dimensions: 120 x 120 cms 
Date: 2018

CHG Director's Statement: 

Rebecca primarily works with paint, inks and fine points on canvas and paper.
Her work initially with a design and decorative orientation harnesses these elements whilst exploring aspects of the natural and urban landscape. The interpretation of the human face and the reading of the landscape, effects of cyclical, emotional and climatic changes to ourselves and others responses to these are often drawn upon.The unpredictability of Rebecca’s subject, frequently rendered to create a third dimension, can often simultaneously create tension laced with elements of playfulness.


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The Motion of Transition Part 1 - A Very Grey Area Sophie (diptych) Pledge



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