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Phil Clarke Art
Phil Clarke Art

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The Exxon Valdes Disaster U/F

Artist Statement: Even though it happened 30 years ago, and record damages were paid, the environmental destruction in this area of the Arctic continues. In a cold environment, with the bulk of the spilt oil still on the seabed….toxic hydrocarbons are STILL leaking slowly out into the environment.

This continuing disaster receives no coverage any more! Case closed, small money paid by EXXON, yet the damage to the region continues to unfold with deformities now and high levels of toxicity. In fact, there is talk of bringing a NEW case against Exxon. Outrageous and plain dumb, as the penguins in this Lithograph are STILL implying! -Phil Clarke

Medium: Lithograph on Paper
Dimensions: 74 x 60 cms
Date: 2017
Condition: Excellent

CHG Director's Statement: From world renowned, high society artist Phil Clarke - who calls Salvador Dali a friend - comes this exciting new selection of surreal art. Just take Dali and Warhol, then add Robert Rauschenberg, and stir… VOILA! You’ve got the brilliant surreal-ness of Phil Clarke.

Allan Hogan, Introduction: Phil Clarke always has an entertaining and whimsical insight into the human condition. His creative and technical skills enable him to focus on the chaos of change in modern society and magically transform his subjects into new visions – a wry look at what’s happening right now.
The title of his latest exhibition is “Beyond Realism”, and very quickly Phil’s respect and admiration for the work of Salvador Dali is obvious. That’s not surprising, given that Phil lived for ten years in the Spanish village of Cadaques where Dali and his wife Gala entertained a passing parade of artists and hippies.
This is Phil’s first exhibition for eight years in his home town of Sydney, and it seems to me that these are paintings for the Ages. They’re not the product of the latest fashion in art. These are sensitive and compassionate images about love and war and people, and the world around us. Continue reading here.


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The Exxon Valdes Disaster U/F