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John Passmore Art
John Passmore Art

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The Catch

Medium: Oil on board
Dimensions: 34 x 62 cms
Date: 1955
Condition: Good

Director's Statement: John Passmore taught at the Newcastle Tech College for many years and as such is well known in Newcastle and the Hunter Region.

His earlier style was influenced by the cubist forms and palette of Cezanne incorporating the colouring of the South of France being replaced with a range of more tertiary colours including - brown, orange, grey, white and black. It was after 1959 he concentrated on scenes of Sydney harbour and its marine life and jetties or coastline. The objects and life of the harbour being the sun, figures, sea, fish and dramatic cloud banks all combined to produce a drama within his oil paintings.

‘The Catch’ captures all this and more namely the moment of fascination when one person hooks the fish, which encourages others to come closer in an effort to sight the catch or vie for the preferred fishing spot.

As for the paint finish itself it encourages the viewer to take a second look in the belief there maybe something missed on first sight or something hidden under a brush stroke. It encourages the effect of movement and excitement.

This painting was re-framed and now possesses an individually glazed colouring, reflecting tones within the artwork. It is in a hand made frame. John is represented in most State Galleries, many University Collections and Regional Galleries.

Provenance: Private Collection, Leonard Joel's Auction - Melbourne (March, 1994), Private Collection NSW.


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The Catch



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