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Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art
Phil Stallard Art

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Swansea Blur

Artist's Statement: I started this painting not knowing what it was, I just kept going, overpainting until the gestures revealed something. I decided to show the act of painting, the forms are moving in space and time, like looking behind you as you drive over the Swansea Bridge, with all that land going, like driving over the Hawkesbury, the blur of the land meeting water in the back of your mind. I worked on the gestures over and over until there was a vague harmony, like music but now almost real, but real all right in the form of paint. - Phil Stallard

Medium: Mixed media on Canvas
Dimensions: 76 x 240 cms  (framed)
Date: 2018
Condition: New

CHG Director's Statement: Expressive, bursts of energy, strength of colour, and wall power are just some of the adjectives or phrases to describe Phil Stallard’s paintings. His style will refresh any interior with exciting incendiary like bursts of colour and tone! - Mark Widdup.

"There is a "total experience" in a Phil Stallard painting, a similar notion that no part of the painting is bland, or subordinate, or to be passed over. Stallard's work is very painterly indeed. His oil-paint is applied with a fluid lushness, a sensuousness, that recalls 1960’s Brett Whiteley." - Peter Pinson, OAM.

Read Peter Pinson's (OAM) exhibition introduction for Phil Stallard's 'Even Seahorses Get the Bends' here.

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Swansea Blur