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Carolyn van Wamel Art
Carolyn van Wamel Art

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Artist Statement: This work (abstract/representational oil on canvas) is inspired by Bar Beach in Newcastle and the breathtaking beauty of the sunsets and countryside of New England NSW. Colour, light, mystery, ages of change (history) and the spiritual meditative effect of the landscape inspires me.

I interpret the landscape in terms of blocks of colour and simplified curves endeavouring to create a sense of rhythm, balance and interaction between land, sea and sky, the evident and the obscure – strongly influenced by Morandi (blocks of shape, limited palette) and Rothko (sense of power of colour and emergence of layering).

The majority of my paintings are oil and acrylic. work is in oils and acrylics. with oil and acrylics. Also work in mixed media.

Wish my work to give a sense of peace, serenity combined with a misty dream-like quality, a sense of  ‘the other’ – the other place, the other life, the mystical sense of landscape, dream like, drawing you in - windows, memories, sweeping, earth/sea/sky becoming one – merging, meditative mantra like quality.

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 137 x 111 cms
Date: 2018
Condition: Good

CHG Director's Statement: TBA


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