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Fred Williams art
Fred Williams art
Fred Williams art

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Strath falls

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 106.7 x 96.5
Date: 1979

CHG Director’s Statement:  Considered to be one of Australia’s most important and inventive artists, Fred Williams pioneered a new view of Australia’s landscapes.  One of the most important pieces of his body of work, the four-paneled oil on canvas depicts the Lal Lal Falls near Ballarat, Victoria, and showcases Williams’ proficiency for formal creativity in painting original landscapes.

 Williams was the winner of the Art Gallery of NSW Wynne Prize in both 1966 and 1976, and his works were exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art, New York, for the 1977 showcase, Fred Williams – Landscapes of a Continent.

Fred Williams has held more than 70 solo exhibitions over the course of his career both nationally and worldwide. Williams is represented in The National Gallery of Australia, all state galleries, numerous regional galleries as well as many public and private collections internationally, including the Tate Gallery of London.

 In May 2016, Fred William's Hillside Landscape was auctioned for $1.8 million.

Current Whereabouts: Private Collection

Provenance: Fisher fine art Ltd, London; Exhibited Australian Embassy, Paris 1979, Private Collection, Sydney.


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Strath falls