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Emanuel Phillips Fox art
Emanuel Phillips Fox art

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Medium: Watercolour on Paper
Dimensions: TBA
Date: 1950/1960

CHG Director’s Statement: Emanuel Phillips Fox (1865-1915) was an impressionist painter and teacher internationally recognized in his art. His work reflects his inclination to paint from direct observation and experience. Fox’s paintings from Australia and Europe portray glimpses and movements in everyday life, elegant female figures and bright, colorful landscapes. He is especially known for his Impressionist style of painting and sunlight effects.

Phillip Fox received his early artistic training at the National Gallery schools followed by the Academie Julian in Paris. He then returned to Australia in 1892 to actively exhibit in major displays and became a vocal member of the Victorian Artists’ Society. Phillips Fox’s work is currently exhibited in the National Gallery of Australia, the Louvre, State galleries and various regional galleries.

He married British Artist Ethel Carrick with whom he travelled Europe before visiting Melbourne in 1908. Fox was the first Australian-born full member of the SocieteNationale des Beaux-Arts. He was also the first Australian to win a gold medal at the Old Salon in 1894.

Fox died of cancer in 1915. On November 2012, his work “Autumn 1889” was sold for $610,000 in an auction.


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