Sketch For Euryphaessa

Neil Taylor


Euryphaessa (pronounced you-ree-facer) means “widely shining one” She is an ancient Triton (pre-Olympian) Greek goddess of the sun and announcer of the dawn. One of an ongoing series of paganistic dawn over the ocean celebrations I’ve been doing.

Medium: Acrylic on board
Dimensions: 40 x 40 cms
Date: 2018
Condition: New

CHG Director's Statement: Neil Taylor was born in Brisbane in 1953 and studied painting in the early 70's with William Robinson. After a short period of teaching he moved to the Sydney area and began to paint and exhibit full-time. He spent almost thirty years based around the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney and painting the local wilderness areas. He now lives west of Sydney and travels extensively both in Australia and overseas researching new subjects. He is particularly well known for his treatment of ocean and littoral themes.

Neil Taylor has held almost 40 exhibitions in Australia, Asia, USA and the United Kingdom. He is represented in State collections as well as in a long list of major public and private corporations and private collections.


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