Sienna Coccinea

Caelli Jo Brooker


Artist Statement: I am a designer, artist and educator whose work explores visuality, imaging, mark-making, materiality, typography and abstraction.

Operating between art and design, my broader practice takes an interdisciplinary approach in bridging the analogue and digital spheres, incorporating studio art, traditional and digital print media, typography, design image-making and artists’ books. As a visual art practitioner, I focus on painting and drawing, and have been involved in 13 solo exhibitions, and over 100 group exhibitions. My work is characterised by the engagement of line and gesture in forming a personal visual language for the translation of observed and conceptualised elements into abstract mark-making.

My professional background is in commercial design, creative pedagogy and the cultural and creative industries. Having previously worked as an arts administrator, curator and ARI gallery director, I maintain my design and visual arts practice while working as a Lecturer in Visual Communication and Design at the University of Newcastle. Caelli Jo Brooker.

Medium: Digital print ink/Crayon on paper
Dimensions: 25 x 35 cms
Date: 2014
Condition: Excellent


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