Redhead Lagoon

Tracey-Maree Smith


Artist Statement: I live across the road from Redhead Lagoon and I feel truly blessed to do so. There is however a certain eeriness to the place at times especially near the local duck pond—as though i am not alone—a spirit or energy that watches over the place. - Tracey-Maree Smith.

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Dimensions: 122 x 182 cms
Date: 2017
Condition: New

Director's Statement: Tracey-Maree Smith was recently selected as an Art Gallery of NSW 2016 Wynne prize finalist for her work ‘First Creek, Redhead Beach’. The Wynne prize is one of Australia’s most prestigious art awards and awarded for Australia’s best landscape painting. Tracey has exhibited extensively, with her work hanging in public and private collections.
Tracey’s abstract contemporary works appeal to art collectors, whether it be those seeking a major showpiece for their home, office or an addition to an existing collection.

Jodie Duddington Introduction: Tracey-Maree Smith's work sits somewhere between solid rock and fluid water. Her manipulation of paint and canvas is hard and physical yet the expression of emotion in colour and line is ephemeral.
There is an attempt to portray our emotional reality and that which lies beneath—our raw, exposed humanity—the spectrum between despair and elation laid bare.
Our emotional landscape and the natural landscape, constantly in a state of flux, are intrinsically tied. They sit together on canvas, a momentary snapshot of our current state of being.

Artist Profile: Learn more about CHG represented artist Tracey-Maree Smith by reviewing her artist profile here.


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