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Georgina Elms art
Georgina Elms art

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Porcelain Bowl 4

Artist's Statement: I have been potting for over 35 years. The ceramics of Lucie Rie, Hans Coper and ancient Oriental potters have influenced me. Since 1978 my work has incorporated Australian flora; firstly cast in sterling silver, combined with matt black porcelain wheel thrown pots; then in 1990 etched into stark white fine bone china. In the early 90's I developed a "cloisonne" technique on porcelain, inlaying the brilliant colours of our flora. I pursue the William Morris ethic - the craftsman conceives, designs and makes the whole object - a total design concept - and follow the maxim "simplicity requires perfection". Georgina Elms.

Medium: Inlaid and Coloured Porcelain bowl
Dimensions: 19.7 (diameter) x 12.2 (height) cms
Date: 2010
Condition: Good

Extract of Review by Jeff Shaw: Courier Mail Brisbane 3.12.98:
"Georgina Elms has derived great benefit from a Churchill Fellowship in 1988. She produces a highly individual range of ware - the exquisite, colourful rendering of Australian flora explains the reason for thier collectability. Even William Morris would have approved this work with its accurate botanical statement, clarity of colour, brilliance of presentation and sophisticated high fired "cloisonne technology."


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Porcelain Bowl 4