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Stanislaus Rapotec art
Stanislaus Rapotec art

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My Green Valley 2

Artist Profile: Stanislaus Rapotec (1913 - 1997) born in Trieste, Italy, studied Economics, History and Art at University of Zagreb. During WWII he served in the Yugoslav army, before arriving in Australia in 1949, where he resumed his career as a painter in Adelaide, where he became a leading figure in the modernist movement, before moving to Sydney in 1955 where he finally abandoned figurative painting for more abstract, dynamic forms of expression. 

In 1961 he won the Blake Prize with a large, mural sized painting, entitled Mediating on Good Friday; the award cause a press controversy from which  he emerged as a leader of Sydney's new school of abstract-expressionism. His painting remained consistently abstract-expressionist from that time - its large, rolling forms and spacious rhythms being complementary with his own larger than life personality. Judy Cassab's portrait of him was awarded the Archibald Prize in 1960. 

Rapotec's paintings can be found nationally and internationally, Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Penrith Regional Art Gallery, Musee d'Art Moderne Paris, Vatican Museum for Contemporary Art, Rome. 

Medium: Mixed Media on Paper on Masonite
Dimensions: 125 x 122 cms
Dated: 1966
Condition: Good

CHG Director's Statement: A fine contemporary artwork although painted in the 1960’s that befits a contemporary look and feel of today.

This work displays Rapotec at his best showing energy of line and color. It is important to note his particular entertainment of textures in the background tones and brush strokes over a prepared board surface with some ground of an unkown substance.

It is a sophisticated composition that has a strong geometrical parabolar shape. This is a clean and resolved contemporary composition that exhibits enormous strength and character.

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My Green Valley 2