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Ken Knight Art

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Middle Harbour - Chinaman's Beach

Artist Statement: Landscape images, derived from a direct response to the subject, form the integral theme in my work. As an impressionist I paint “en plein air”, painting in oils in a spontaneous and free manner. The challenge for me lies not so much in relaying photographic information, but in capturing the essence and spirit of a scene. By reducing the landscape and abstracting elements from it, I enable the viewer to make an intimate interpretation of the image.
It follows that in this impressionist pursuit “less becomes more”. The challenge for the artist becomes one of finding the right dynamic balance each time the easel is set up outside – to observe, perceive, interpret, and abstract.

Medium: Oil on board
Dimensions: 60 x 45 cms
Date: 1988
Condition: Excellent

CHG Directors Statement: Ken Knight is a talented Australian painter. His passion for the landscape is evident in his work. From the play of the sun across expansive rolling hills to the delicate subtleties of light on Australian waters, Ken Knight's art captures the heart and soul of natural Australia. This work depicting the iconic Nobby's beach and headland in Newcastle is an excellent example of his signature style and will appeal to the astute art collector.


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Middle Harbour - Chinaman's Beach