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Gavin Fry art
Gavin Fry Art
Gavin Fry Art

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Mediterranean Sunset

Artist Statement: While most of my landscapes and seascapes depict recognisable subjects and places, sometimes I like to play around with the generic idea of a place, rather than any specific rendition. This work reflects distant memories of time spent in Cyprus in the early 1970s - the cliffs were of white limestone and the sea always an intense blue, unlike the greener hues we're used to seeing in Australia. As always, I like to combine strong abstract design with a base in a real subject. - Gavin Fry 

Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 122 x 91 cms
Date: 2017
Condition: New

Director's Statement: The circle motif employed by any artist brings a strong focus and energy to a composition! Combine this with the intensity of the orange and yellows referring to sunset/sunrise, all culminates in a composition that is both dramatic and alluring! The cubist verticalness of lines is further reinforced especially when used in this fashion of a darkened grey background. It suggest a nocturnal setting with a porthole view to daylight.


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Mediterranean Sunset