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John Maitland Art
John Maitland Art
John Maitland Art
John Maitland Art
John Maitland Art

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Making Daisy Chains 2

Artist Statement: Two sisters sitting in a field of irises, long stems wave sensuously in the spring breeze.
In amongst the lush crop of irises grow just a few of the precious daisies they have been searching for to make their "daisy chains".
The young sister seeks instruction from the older expert on how to do the delicate weaving of the chain and hangs on to every word from the older expert, face tight in concentration, determined to make the best ever daisy chain. - John Maitland.

Medium: Acrylic/Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 120 x 150 cms
Date: 2017
Condition: Excellent

CHG Director's Statement: John Maitland is considered by some “one of Australia’s most exciting artists” (John Norris, Prime Arts Publishing), while his works have been referred to as “possessing the exquisite line and colour of a Matisse”.

John Maitland captures children, people, families and indigenous Australians within their environment. His compositions provide insight into the personality of those within his paintings or their connection to the landscape, giving the viewer a yearning for life's simple pleasures. His figurative paintings are colourful, alluring, ethereal, dreamy and command a strong following.


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Making Daisy Chains 2