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Sidney Nolan Art
Sidney Nolan art
Sidney Nolan art

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Leda and Swan

Medium: Ripolan on paper
Dimensions: 63.5 x 52.3 cms
Date: 1969
Condition: Good

CHG Director's Statement: Authentic Sidney Nolan painting for sale. Titled ‘Leda and Swan’, this magnificent original artwork holds universal appeal, but would be wonderfully matched to both the art collector and art investor alike. Fine art paintings of this echelon by leading Australian artists such as Nolan are a delight to behold.

This is a larger sheet of paper than usual, which incorporates ripolan on paper technique. This medium encourages the effect of a sweep of paint across a semi glossy paper surface. It is the artist intention to highlight the texture, replicating the rawness of the Australian landscape, it also produces a translucent effect.

This series has been explored by Nolan in drawings and fine art oil paintings and hence is an acknowledged theme. ‘Leda and Swan’ is one of several Sidney Nolan paintings we currently have for sale, please take the time to study our other examples.


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Leda and Swan