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Susan Sheridan Art

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Jacana and Chicks, Cape York

Artist Comment: This artwork is a follow up on the 'Lagoon Series' exhibited in 2017 and was inspired by a trip to Cape York.

Medium: Acrylic/Oil and Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 79 x 109 cms
Date: 2018
Condition: New

Artist Statement:  Susan has a fascination with wildlife, particularly birds! The central pattern of birds feeding, almost in a frenzy adds excitement to the subject. It provides a focal point and energy in a landscape that is tranquil and subtle. The tones she used in the painting suggests a evenness of light at the location and note the lack of contrast. The aim of which appears to be to capture understatement.

CHG Directors Statement: I first saw Australian artist Susan Sheridan’s work at the Strawberry Hills Gallery, Surrey Hills in the 1970’s and was captivated by the serenity! Words of description and observations along the lines of – muted tones, atmospheric, impressionistic, sublime, dreamy, understatement and capturing a feeling, all described her art convincingly.


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Jacana and Chicks, Cape York



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