Guitarist's Wedding Night (pledge)

Dorothée Heibel

Artwork Statement: Having become acquainted with the wonderful Italian finger-picking guitarist and composer Andrea Valeri, I came to witness the deep love this young musician has for his instrument. This painting is my conclusion of what a future bride would have to put up with! - Dorothée Heibel.

Medium: Acrylic on Clayboard
Dimensions: 76 x 76 cms
Date: 2018
Condition: Good

Artist Statement: I am endlessly fascinated by the bond two human beings can have, especially when they have a shared passion, it doesn’t matter if it is for flowers, food or feathers!
I like the challenge of taking two Lovers and joining them together almost into one being. There can be many obstacles and hiccups along the way, of course, as in any relationship but painting for me is play and pleasure and I find it is often the “mistakes”, the unpredictable drips and drops, the unexpected redirection of lines that end up taking my work to the place it was meant to go all along. - Dorothee Heibel. 

Director's Statement: Dorothée's dynamic, colourful paintings are distinguished by her graphic use of black linework which is created using a cotton tip, rather than a brush. Her works will take form in her mind for days, weeks and sometimes even years before being produced in an explosive matter of hours.


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