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Kerri Kerley Art
Kerri Kerley Art
Kerri Kerley Art

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Gaze II

Artist Statement: Painting is an emotional process for me and very personal. It is difficult to put into words; however, remains to be a constant exhilarating and spiritual journey of passion, perfection and self-discovery. - Kerri Kerley

Medium: Mixed media on paper
Dimensions: 75 x 53 cms
Date: 2019
Condition: New

CHG Directors Statement: Kerri Kerley – “Insights to the Soul”

Kerri’s paintings capture the indigenous figure with an empathy and insight that is both profound and unique; expressing their personality with her own stylised rendition.  She does not render a portrait but rather, captures the esoteric spirit of her subject.

It is obvious that as an artist, she connects with her intuition and I believe, is almost guided to whom she chooses to observe and study for her next piece.  She has a sincere empathy, or connection with the personalities in her portraits, thereby her art gives insight to each of these personalities.


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Gaze II