Full Baskets

John Maitland


Artist Statement: This picture draws upon and reflects my love of, and influence from medieval, gothic and classical art. The classics have always portrayed the female form with grace, elegance and beauty. This woman stands tall as she walks home with her brimming baskets. For me, baskets represent abundance . The striking greens and golds in the dress have been influenced by the Gothic period, particularly in the use of metallic colours for contrast. The difference a dash of silver or gold can make in a painting can be the line between ordinary and spectacular.

Medium: Mixed Media on Board
Dimensions: 120.5 x 59 cms
Condition: Good

Directors statement: John Maitland is considered by some “one of Australia’s most exciting artists” (John Norris, Prime Arts Publishing), while his works have been referred to as “possessing the exquisite line and colour of a Matisse”.

John Maitland captures children, people, families and indigenous Australians within their environment. His compositions provide insight into the personality of those within his paintings or their connection to the landscape, giving the viewer a yearning for life's simple pleasures. His figurative paintings are colourful, alluring, ethereal, dreamy and command a strong following.


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