Encroaching Evening

Ken Strong


Artist Statement: Animation of light on the water, everything continuously moving, the light and water become as one, at sunrise and at sunset, changing with the mood of the day but never static. - Ken Strong.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 120 x 90 cms
Date: 2018
Condition: New

Exhibition Statement: This body of artwork is continuing the exploration into the
dynamic combinations of water, colour and movement which has been a dominant influence on my work in the past 12 months. “A New dawn” represents a response to previous works, showing developments in this philosophy, and the way it is expressed.

Featuring the impact of light on the landscape is paramount, with careful consideration given to the balance and contrast of colour within the composition. These works take this exploration to a different level, leveraging off previous achievements and providing direction in a changing pathway. - Ken Strong.

CHG Director's Statement: This is Ken Strong at his best! Capturing movement, shadow, and the power of his technique.

Ken Strong been painting Australian landscapes for over 20 years and is developing increased recognition both nationally and internationally. Ken's works are characterised by a bold application of paint, but also using a subtle approach to subject development.

Works tend to be an impressionist style with subjects ranging from panoramic landscape to more intimate images combining the influence of man and his surroundings. Works often have a non representational feel with the key compositional element being a well structured use of colour and movement. - Mark Widdup.

Collection Representation: Ken Strong’s works are currently held in numerous private and corporate collections in Australia, The United States of America and Canada following exhibitions held in these locations over the past 28 years. Further commissions have resulted from these exhibitions.

A substantial quantity of works completed on subjects from locations in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Italy, have been featured in exhibitions in Australia and overseas. As well as Australian subjects there has been a particular focus on Cornwall, Northern Scotland, Amsterdam, Tuscany and Venice which have been featured in these exhibitions.

A series of works based on American institutions including the Whitehouse, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson memorial, the Washington Monument are currently hanging in major corporate institutions in Washington DC.

Artist Profile:  Learn more about CHG represented artist Ken Strong by reviewing his artist profile here.


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