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Bernd Heinrich Art

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Allegro 1.5

Artist Statement: My paintings are “Playgrounds & Landscapes," an inner experience of freedom and passion not restricted by conventions or boundaries. In my journey as an artist I am inspired to create from the inside out to express my fascination and passion of my inner world.

“Playgrounds in time and space” are my re-occurring themes, divided and separated by space, lines, images, symbols, forms and shapes – composed like a sheet of music in the harmony of a visual symphony.

My canvases are often heavily textured, deeply scarred and evoke the feeling of being sculptured. I use architectural symbols, silkscreen images or include written statements or pieces of poetry to underline our humanity. Bernd Heinrich.

Medium: Mixed media on foil 
Dimensions: 53 x 22 cms
Date: 2014
Condition: New

Director's Statement: Bernd Heinrich's works are both highly physical (in the complex and rigorous nature of their construction) and highly esoteric. The result is a body of work which makes a well grounded and stimulating contribution to both "Australian Landscape" as an art historical genre, and to "Contemporary Landscape" as a vital element of current international artistic practice.


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Allegro 1.5