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Phil Stallard art
Phil Stallard in the studio


More than an exhibition opening - a performance event!

Moving his studio to Redfern in 2016 put Phil Stallard’s inspiration into overdrive! It could almost be seen as a ‘relief’ or a post grieving. He goes on to mention ‘it is the first exhibition where he is ok – inspired and positive’.

This gives insight to his metaphor ‘to dive into his emotions after it had been boarded up’. He has made a connection or reconnection with his art making. Furthermore, he expands on the fact he has been in ‘recovery mode’ since his divorce 3 years ago. He recognizes he needed time on his own for healing.
Ever restless he loathes the static, needing to change and develop almost being a part of Phil’s DNA I believe.
Over lunch he qualifies ‘his good works are accidents’. An over statement however it caught my attention. He qualifies, ‘he never wants to paint by formula’.

Phil’s love of music, another art expression, seems to be booming also. Last year’s release of his new album is seen as a cult favourite. Phil writes, composes, engineers and plays.
We are excited to have an art performance at his opening on Friday February 10, 6-8pm.
Phil and the band will perform after the formalities (6.40 pm)! At approximately 7pm the performance will commence (15-20 minute bracket). So what can you expect? It is titled:
Phil says ‘music and art all thrusted to awake your senses’!

It will be like having the ‘bends’ – coming up from the depths with a headiness!

If you can’t attend the opening, we will have some live video on Facebook to showcase the experience!



Who is Phil Stallard? An inspiring person full of energy, spontaneity and abstract painter who interprets colour in a unique way! The use of symbolism, forms, expressive use of colour identifies his style. We might call him an abstract expressionist with a high key tone incorporating a lushness of paint. The viewer’s experience has a ‘wow factor’. This exhibition offering as much of that as ever, though more so for Phil. Peter Pinson’s introduction is worth a read where he indicates the influence of Phil’s work at Sydney shipyards as a pinnacle experience for his understanding of colour in materials. He immediately reacted to the ageing and distress - stains, rust, and discoloring which symbolizes the passion for colour within his own vision.

Phil cannot stop painting. He rushes head first to commence painting daily. There is massive potential with this artist and I’m delighted to share with you that he intends to enter art competitions again. Powerful abstract compositions, derivative of the 1980’s and earlier have representation again with Stallard’s art! I feel sure the response to his new series of paintings will be acknowledged and absorbed by abstract audiences.


In this series, I’m coming up from a deep dive into a memory way too fast, emotions are mixed with the deliciousness of colour, the memory becomes obscured and saturated with colour – the result is a painting that sings its own tune.

There are places I return to time and time again in my painting, sometimes it’s the same place that I return to repeatedly, there’s a place in the water off Pyrmont, there’s the Garden Island dry dock in the 80’s and place that is merely a sidelong glance off the Burns Bay Bridge, the water is so seductive.

As an artist, I must keep moving, there are old formulas that I’ve departed from, I’m heading into new territory – its exciting.


In addition to viewing the collection below you can BROWSE the digital exhibition catalogue here.