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JUNE 2022

Building an aura, atmosphere, mood or emotion can apply to figurative, landscape or any subject matter for an original artwork.

We often respond to these effects within a composition with a response consciously or subconsciously, sometimes not being able to put an exact emotion yet we feel something within ourselves that provokes a reaction when viewing an artwork.

This response can vary such that the viewers reaction can range from being quite intense through to the subtle! As such it creates an emotion. This can lead to a desire, a wish, a need to be close or one of revulsion. All these feelings are brought to the surface creating a state of mind.

I often want a reaction to an artwork which engages me and my being. This is just one reason why I would be attracted to an artwork which may lead to a desire to purchase.

Don't we all seek an emotion with art, otherwise the individual artwork is not speaking to us? To be challenged by an artwork often will signify an interest or reaction to the composition! 

Please enjoy this curated selection of the galleries Represented artists paintings designed to display a mood and atmosphere for your enjoyment with a view to purchase.