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CHG Artists Selected as Finalists in the 2017 Gosford Art Prize

Tracey Maree Smith Art
Congratulations to CHG represented artist Tracey-Maree Smith (pictured), Ben Kenning, and CHG associated artist Bernd Heinrich who have been selected as finalists in the 2017 Gosford Art Prize.

The Gosford Art Prize is a hotly contested event with local and national artists engaged in friendly competition for over $24,000 in total prizes. The exhibition offers the artist an opportunity to let their work stand on its own, to be judged and appreciated on a level playing field, with each work vying for the viewer’s attention. This year 520 entries were received and 161 artworks were chosen for exhibition.

Browse and shop art by Bernd Heinrich on our website here

Browse and shop art by Tracey-Maree Smith on our website here

Browse and shop art by Ben Kenning on our website here

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