Shore Dump

Paul O'Brien


Artist's Statement: These works are my response to what some may call the mundane aspects of living in my hometown of Newcastle. All of these works reflect the images that I see around me every day, which I endeavored to convey to the viewer, a visual richness that I perceive. Beauty is there to be found in the play of light on the texture of an old wall, or the gnarled roots of a fig tree. Magnificence in the play of sunlight on a textured old footpath made golden by a brilliant sunrise, or the light dancing on the surface of the harbour. To me depth & beauty are found within subtleties. Paul O'Brien.

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 122 x 76 cms
Date: 2008
Condition: Good

CHG Director's Statement: How many ex brick layers who have played first grade rugby league, who are treble certificate registered nurse (old certificate), and now have a Bachelor degree in Nursing are painters in Australia? At the same time qualified Hypnotherapist and artist?

Paul says I’m not looking to make the painting took like a photograph; the mood is what is important. I have been painting mainly seascapes but I really like doing Portraits. I’ve had to do a lot of paintings over the past 3-4 years and I’ve decided to have a change. I’ve been doing some etchings for some exhibitions that are coming up."


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