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Steve Glassborow Art
Steve Glassborow Art

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On the nose I

Artist's statement: Over the years as a Sculptor, I have made many Figures.
But I only started working on Animals about 15-20 years ago. Not because I didn’t want to , but more due to opportunity. After making a public sculpture of a Horse for the City of Whitehorse in Melbourne, I felt driven to make more. The original head, that I built for the Whitehorse sculpture, I still had, balanced, on its nose in my Studio. Just seeing it standing there was my inspiration but it had to go through a number changes first, I slowly trimmed and simplified the idea.
The final touch happened when I decided to cut the head into sections and Patina the piece blue by doing so, it was no longer a classical work, it was now a horse head, with a contemporary tint. The colour and the slices, gave it a structural/sculptural veil which I loved.

Medium: Bronze Sculpture
Dimensions: 180 cms high
Condition: Good

CHG Director's Statement: Steve Glassborow images immediately command the viewers attention with striking imagery, forms and design. His sculptures often relate to an art deco form which has morphed into themes influenced by fashion, robotic figures and animals in recent years.

Steve has developed the patination of the sculpture to an art form in itself, which all happened by accident!

Sophistication is a word that comes to mind when describing his sculpture. Understatement alluring, fascinating and highly imaginative all are appropriate as well, which describes his sculpture. We often see a whimsical side within the artists designs.

Having followed his artwork for nearly two decades I have seen a massive transition in his design, never willing not to push the barriers of development.

I recommend this professional and active sculptor who possesses a vision and design that is of a world standard. We are fortunate to represent an artist of such note!

Steve is available for commission work via the gallery, please enquiry if this could be a thought whether it be for private courtyards, interiors or commercial application.

On the nose I