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Terms and Conditions - Sell Your Artwork by Pledge

Below are the terms and conditions as to the format. We need YOU to assist in the marketing of your artwork and for US to obtain a complete knowledge of the artwork/s and the title, including vendor details.

1. The painting/artwork will be held in a safe and protected environment under your control. The location address must be identified.

2. The artwork must be ‘real’ titled and be 100% owned by you. Any other parties who have a right or ownership by partnership or otherwise- e.g. interest held by others etc will not be accepted as full ownership by you. Corporate, Partnership or Superannuation fund ownership details will need to be fully qualified revealing all the particulars surrounding the artwork’s ownership or part thereof. All parties will need agreement in writing prior to CHG being willing to accept the art for sale.

3. The artwork/s must be authentic.

4. The art must be in your possession or accessible via a store or other location 365 days, omitting public holidays. If the latter applies a written consent verified by the owner to the 3rd party See Point (iv).

5. The artwork must be accessible by a 3rd party expeditiously in your absence, (travelling or being unavailable for any reason) and able to be dispatched upon request within 48 hours, to the gallery or location the Gallery Director qualifies!
NB: 3rd Party details; please email or leave with gallery.- Their name, mobile, home & work phone numbers & email address. If stored in a warehouse or art store, ID and access privileges must be given and proof of availability of access and permission to access and consign in writing. Written advice from the Store or warehouse management to the gallery will be necessary, proving they are aware and accommodating as to any future request and action to dispatch the vendor’s art when requested by the gallery.

6. The artwork pledged cannot be sold to any other party unless managed by the gallery with the appropriate commissions on sale to be paid.

7. The artwork will not be advertised, referred to others, or promoted by the vendor, the 3rd party, colleague or friend/acquaintance without permission from the gallery. The gallery commission on sale arrangement will apply at all times.

8. The artwork/s are not to be given to another party, family relative or other person leaving access privilege to the vendor and or 3rd part appointed as their representative.

9. The artwork to be insured by the vendor/ supplier/ artist. If lost or misplaced all fees for marketing, advertising, PR, web and social media costs will be invoiced to the owner/vendor to be payable within 7 days to the galleries.

10. Penalties apply to the above breach of any of the conditions- please read & understand!

11. The artwork/s cannot be removed from sale once consigned within the time frame of the offer to sell.

12. If you have inherited the artwork, received it as a result of a divorce, purchased it from the company you worked or was gifted. Please supply appropriate supporting documentation as to ‘title’.

13. Art purchased after 9 June 2010 will be subject to a resale royalty of 5%. The vendor understands and accepts the fee will be deducted from the proceeds of sale.

14. CHG reserves all rights.