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Sell Your Artwork By Pledge

Pledging is an agreement; a promise to supply an artwork when the sale eventuates! The supplier: vendor, dealer, artist and or agent, is contracted to sell their art via CHG. It is a new initiative based upon trust, where an artwork is then presented by CHG for sale, exhibition, marketing, website and or promotional purposes all in the process of effecting a sale.

It is applied when the artwork has not or will not be received by the gallery, however it has been consigned to sell. The artwork, as it hasn’t been sighted by the Director or gallery staff must be offered and presented in good condition as endorsed by the supplier and be available at call!

This is an invaluable service for suppliers who are geographically distanced from the gallery. Transport costs are met only when a sale is imminent, an artwork is over sized, the art is fragile, the art is highly valuable. This is to assist those who have no facility/assistance to send an artwork and for hesitant vendors.

The art is to be easily located within an artist’s studio, vendor’s home or store room so it can be retrieved without hesitation. Additionally it is never to be confused with another artwork, purpose, gallery or buyer!

As such it must be labelled ‘PLEDGED FOR CHG’ with title of artwork clearly visible, stored safely and can be accessed by a 3rd party who you nominate who has your authority to access and send to CHG on demand. The artist/ supplier/vendor must give adequate access rights to an appointed 3rd party to retrieve the artwork should they be indisposed. They and or the nominated party are further required to arrange freight to the gallery or nominated address expediently when requested!

Terms & conditions

CHG terms and conditions relating to consigning an artwork can be found here.


To pledge an artwork simply complete the form below. Please use a new instance of the form for each artwork and be sure to provide all details requested in addition to high quality images. 
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