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Kerri Kerley | Australian Artist

"As an artist, I have based my subject matter for mixed media
painting around the figure. I build an aura and ethereal
atmosphere, in support of the figure. For me it provides a
beginning, middle and end essence for the figure, i.e. it
extends beyond focusing or capturing the sitter to expanding
their character, creating empathy and defining their right and
place as an individual!
I now embrace a future that allows me the luxury of time to
explore my art like never before. I expect to travel more in
search of the experiences and people that drive the artist
within me and hope to share with a larger audience, the
spiritual connection and empathy I feel for this incredibly land
in all its diversity and its mysterious and magical people." - 
Kerri Kerley


An artist for more than 28 years, Kerri’s career began in advertising as a designer, typographer and illustrator.                                                                    It was when travelling around Australia in a caravan with her two very young children, she realised a real connection with this amazing country. It was this experience which lead Kerri to take up painting full time in 2012 and create her first body of work. Kerri now creates from her private studio on the NSW Central Coast.

Kerri’s use of colour is inspired by her love of Australia and it’s intense, textural and earthy palette lending itself perfectly to her unique style and medium. With drawing the foundation, her thoughtful and detailed approach is reflected strongly in her subjects eyes, creating an instant connection with the viewer. “Painting is an emotional process for me and very personal. It is difficult to put into words; however, remains to be a constant exhilarating and spiritual journey of passion, perfection and self-discovery.”                                                       You can find Kerri’s work in public and private collections both internationally and nationally. Kerri also offers beautiful limited edition archival quality prints of her work and will happily take commissions. Kerri is an award winning artist, an exhibiting member of the Royal Art Society of NSW, and has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions.


The need to patiently await the correct timing to present itself in one’s life is a process that is difficult but must be embraced and this is the point that I perceive Kerri to have reached.

An ability to develop an individual style, understand the figure; almost delve within the psyche of the sitter and drop the subject into their own world within a painting is her inimitable gift. She possesses a definitive style and I love it when she takes over and extends, almost merges herself, with the sitter. Kerri takes a brave stance and ‘almost a breach of the lines’ of acceptability in her style, however that’s where her magic galvanizes!

She can empathise with the individual personality of the portrait. As the viewer, we recognise the figure in her art however within Kerri’s style she advances the figure stylistically revealing myriad aspects of the person.

In fact, we observe a kind of layering of personality, that we all possess, creating the unique and magnificent whole. We can be complex or observed simplistically at any one time. Kerri often likes to capture ‘innocence’; sometimes she takes to disguising the personality from the figure which she does confidently with her colour, style and textures. So who are we left with what then Kerri?

Perhaps that is the artist’s privilege, or what her journey is in interpreting in the sitter; their essence. In any case, Kerri romanticises the person, whether they be the sitter, figure, the person or individual.

At the same time she leaves a real sense of mystery ….to the extent that it is an invitation to look within her painting and question. On another tack Kerri also enjoys the focal figure in her painting to project forward; it develops an immediate engagement and is another example of her confidence with portraiture. With this manner of painting there is no escape, the viewer is persuaded to examine the figure; almost to decipher the detail and she seems to have an equal engagement with colour.

Did I mention also, Kerley has a natural ability to select colour combinations particularly apt to each of her compositions?
Some critiques of her art exaggerate the ‘illustrative’ association or connection. However I do not concur that Kerri has gone down that path, it is not her intention... My test for classifying oneself as the individual, the artist, is twofold; an internal one of how one feels and expresses.

An individuals’ expression is what we want to see and signs of that expression
without a direct line to the derivative. The other is external, what within the artist’s style is truly characteristic of them.
Kerri has the commitment to her art that passes both tests comfortably and she is now at a turning point in her career that I feel will lead to her attaining new heights.

Mark Widdup, CHG Director.

Solo Exhibitions                                                                                         

 2014 - Solo Exhibition 'Spirit' - Hunters Hill Art Gallery, Sydney

2014 - Solo Exhibition 'Original Drawings, Paintings and Prints' - Hunters Hill Art Gallery, Sydney

2014 - Solo Exhibition Boteca at Copo Cafe & Diner Sydney

Group Exhibitions

2016 - Cancer Council Breakthrough Art Festival - Packing Room Prize

2015 - Strokes of Fury Exhibition - Cooks Hill Art Galleries

2015 - We Get By Exhibition - Cooks Hill Art Galleries

2015 - Oak Hill Art In The Hills Exhibition

2015 - Art In The Hill Exhibition

2015 - Cooks Hill Galleries - We Get By - Finalist

2014 - Hunters Hill Pop Up Exhibiton - Balmain

2013 - Drummoyne Art Society - First prize

2013 - Drummoyne Art society - Commended

2013 - The Riverbank Gallery, Canowindra

2013 - Studio W in Woolloomooloo Sydney

2012 - Art Of Sydney Awards - Finalist



2016 - Kerri Kerley Pop Up Gallery

2016 - Indigenous Amazon Wall mural at Copo Cafe Drummoyne

2015 - 60 Thousand Years & Yarn Event contributor

2015 - 2 Day Workshop at Artworx Geelong

2015 - Artist of the Month of February for Leichhardt Council

2014 - Exhibiting member of The Royal Art Society NSW

2014 - Resident artist at One+2 Studios Balmain

2014 - Curator/exhibitor at Boteco at Copo Cafe & Diner Sydney