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Cooks Hill Galleries (CHG) presents Phil Stallard ‘Signals'. Exhibition opens Friday 7th May,  6 - 8pm. Exhibition continues until Monday 24th May 2021. Preview by appointment.

The official opening and artist talk followed by music event to commence at 6.40pm. 

Artist Statement: In this series of abstract paintings, I am picking up on “signals”.  The landscape emits signals, the connection that I have with certain places that I love are transmitting to me. Like the background radiation of the big bang, I am focussing on this “noise”.
Over the years I have developed my own iconography, since I moved my studio to the Macdonald River (near Wiseman's Ferry) I have felt an increasing feeling of losing myself amongst the landscape. It is through the act of painting that the iconography emerges.
Driving to the studio from Sydney I am dissolving , I’m a loose collection of atoms, the icons and symbols become a visual language in the water of colour. I suppose these ideas resemble quantum physics, my painting merely is an existential tool in defining who I am, I am honing in on the signals connecting me to the earth.

Phil Stallard 

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