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An advocate of the Australian impressionist school, Ken has focused upon a bolder palette to explore the landscape as he sees it! He accentuates the contrasts of tone and channels the viewer to a focal point just above the mid-level of the painting.
He strives to emphasize the seasons of colour and light in the landscape and often the foreground structure is less favoured; the big picture for him is the focal point.
Another primary aim for Strong is movement! Be it an appearance of wind in amongst trees and grasses of the land or over water, currents ebb and flow, often introduced by a dramatic effect upon the water surface itself!

Ken often seeks out the landscape that is a quite place! A sheltered bay or mooring, a back paddock, a small bush clearing. It is not uncommon that he humanizes the landscape. He seems to illustrate to us there can be a balance between human intervention and the landscape.

Ken has carried out numerous art workshops/schools, and included in many art publications resulting in extensive accolades. His teaching skills have been admired. Hard work and diligence are obvious traits that Ken possesses combined with the passion he incorporates into his art.



Ken Strong has been painting Australian landscapes for over 20 years and is developing increased recognition both Nationally and Internationally for his work. His works are characterised by a bold application of paint, but also using a subtle approach to subject development in many cases.

Exhibitions have been the primary outlet for his works since the first solo exhibition in 1988 in Kendall, NSW, Australia. A legacy of these exhibitions has been a significant number of commissions through private galleries. A continuous presence of work is maintained in several galleries. International exposure in recent years has proven extremely successful with promotional work continuing in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Ken Strong ArtistKen Strong in the studio


We take light in the landscape for granted!

We are surrounded by a formulation of shapes and shadows and movement that create our landscape, but it is light that gives it definition. Light not only enhances the subject in a composition, but in reality, light can become the subject being the main source of attraction and in many situations, the source of life within the work. The life can be subtle or vibrant depending on the mood created. A cool glow in a dark night or a splash of vivid gold in a punishing summer. Different uses of light and certainly different results.

The concept of "emerging light" is the focus of this exhibition. Emergence implies something hidden, yet entering or escaping into the view, illuminating the surrounds as it grows in intensity.

The effect of light can be further explored when the landscape is combined with water. There is a whole realm of opportunity to explore different affects, water encourages the freedom in the expressive use of light. Much of this exhibition revolves around water and the landscape. The reflective quality, the intensity of depth and darkness in water can be used to great advantage in creating interest in the composition.
I have a great respect for the influence that light has in creating a mood within a work. The more I explore composition, the more I realise the importance and the versatility of playing with the effect of light - it is all about light!

Ken Strong, 2017.



Ken Strong’s works are currently held in numerous private and corporate collections in Australia, The United States of America and Canada following exhibitions held in these locations over the past 28 years. Further commissions have resulted from these exhibitions.

A substantial quantity of works completed on subjects from locations in the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Italy, have been featured in exhibitions in Australia and overseas. As well as Australian subjects there has been a particular focus on Cornwall, Northern Scotland, Amsterdam, Tuscany and Venice which have been featured in these exhibitions.

A series of works based on American institutions including the Whitehouse, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson memorial, the Washington Monument are currently hanging in major corporate institutions in Washington DC.

Ken Strong ArtistKen Strong touching up at Cooks Hill Galleries



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