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James Willebrant | July 2023

Artist Statement: With a fifty-year career behind me, I like all artists who’ve been
painting professionally that long, create a repertoire of favourite images and personal iconography which I have developed over time.

The imagery in this show draws on a rich fascination with the Eastern Seaboard and the classic Deco Beachside structures to be found there, not so much on pure landscape but also on the built environment...the intersection of the natural and the
Human ‘constructs’.

Since moving recently to The Hunter Valley Region, the influence of this area is of course more intimate as I am now able to observe my favourite subjects up close and personal...
The architecture of the Valley .....the Rural Sheds and the Urban Art Deco Architecture combined with the Coastal Bathing Pools and Pavilions are all observed now from a more intimate perspective than just that of the long-time Visitor.




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