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"I have been sketching and painting for a long time and I can always delve into any one of my 60 or so sketch books or doodles on restaurant napkins, or envelopes to find a subject I'd like to make into a painting.
With a little imagination to enhance or detract from the original sketch, I hope to achieve a picture, and from that, my style - which developed over the years, as ‘lost and found’, leaving a little obscurity for the viewer to draw in, and in turn use their
imagination. This way, there may always be something new for the viewer to find.
With this collection of paintings I cover many different subjects; this is what I enjoy... to paint between hard edge and soft edge, with an out of focus blur.
The characters are there, the building are there, the landscapes and seascapes are there, yet some almost disappear into the painting...and so I hope, draw the viewer in to discover the mysterious challenge that is watercolour". - David Beschi F.R.A.S.


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