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Your Life on a Canvas with Ken Strong

Your Life on a Canvas with Ken Strong

We recently sat down with Ken Strong to discuss his art, life, loves and other things! Here is 'YOUR LIFE ON A CANVAS' with CHG represented artist Ken Strong...

1. Best recent art experience?

Travelling around Sydney Harbour and all its bays and backwaters. Lots of wonderful images and ideas for painting and great restaurants.

2. Most used art material?

As an oil painter, I would have to say most used art “materials” being oil paint, canvas and hardboard.

3. Favourite colour?

Currently Thalo green. This varies however every day of the week depending on the subject and the success of the developing subject. Also like Magenta in its various forms on most days.

4. Most embarrassing artwork story?

I would have to say losing a canvas and easel in a wind where it blew straight over face down into the dirt, grass and an ant nest. Complete right-off unfortunately.

5. What can’t you live without?

I would love to say red wine and chocolate, but in reality I would have to say my wife being my strongest critic, source of motivation for most things, and my best friend.

6. What are you currently working on?

Currently continuing on the Sydney waterway’s theme. It is such a beautiful time of the year with colours and weather in the local area.

7. What do you hate?

Turkish Delight, cheap Moscato, leaches in my boots and oil paint that won’t come out of the tube.

8. Favourite artist or art movement?

Joseph Turner for his vision and incredible imagination and foresite and also Brett Whitely for the same reasons. Pity they could not combine into one painter.

9. Your biggest art influence?

Initially the impressionist painters both European and Australian, but now bending more towards painters who embrace colour and abstraction.

10. If you could have one painting on your wall, what would it be?

Difficult question, but today, would like to have Turners “The Fighting Temaraire”. Tomorrow something different no doubt!

Browse and shop art by Ken Strong on our website here. Peruse the digital exhibition catalogue for 'Lifting the Darkness - The Emergence of Light', Ken Strong's current exhibition at CHG here.

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